Arunachal: Angry villagers blocked road, burn tyres, compelled demolition team to return 

Hundreds of dwellers of Shivaji Nagar blocked the road with logs and burn tyres compelled the teams to return who went their to carry out a demolition drive.



Hundreds of dwellers of Shivaji Nagar residing in the reserve forest strongly irked over the demolition team headed by Sunny Singh, Assistant Commissioner ( AC )  here today. Mostly women and young girls and boys blocked the road with logs and burn tyres  to stop the team to bulldozed illegal structures being built on the Right of Way (ROW) of the road.

As per a demolition order issued by district magistrate following massive encroachment at ROW of the road, the demolition team headed by Assistant Commissioner marched ahead with bulldozers, and  adequate security but the way furious dwellers shouting and abusing against the DC and district administration compelled the team to went back.

“This is our land, we will die for it. If the administration finds these as illegal they should first dismantle other rampant structures coming out at various location of the township”, tells the women while charging the demolition team.

Arunachal: Angry villagers blocked road, burn tyres, compelled demolition team to return 

Some of them also complaint for not receiving any eviction notice from DC, however the AC clarified that when structure are illegally build question of notice does not arise? “We are not going to demolish any structure beyond ROW, the road along both sides of 7. 50 meters wide should be left free from encroachment for future widening of the road.

Today or tomorrow it has to be cleared by any means”, he spells out.

The team was also comprised of Forest officials, LRSO, Magistrate, Political interpreters and Gaonburas.


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  1. A big question is why is there a Shivaji Nagar in Arunachal Pradesh? There are many local great people. Why not name a local area after them?!

  2. Northeast has enjoyed enough of tribal facilities and central can’t keep on feeding whole generations. Let’s see after 2020. Government will surely tighten it’s law as it should have done long time ago.

    1. Illegal overnight construction on road side for claiming compensation has become a routine feature in Arunachal.. In the past compensation have been given on such illegal constructions even on forest reserve, govt earmarked township areas.. This seems to have encouraged this wrong practice..
      Nevertheless, govt has to dealt with this menace else developmental work can’t be executed..

  3. This is democracy. Govt can’t do anything even the right things if people don’t agree. That’s is why India is underdeveloped.

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