Arunachal: After Risso now Biki’s family rejects Govt compensation

After Risso Tari’s family members now Biki Ruja’s family members rejects compensation announced by govt. 


The family members of Biki Ruja,  rejects the  compensation offered by the State Government and demanded handing over of the security personnel responsible for Ruja’s death to them, saying “they will punish the perpetrators as per the Nyishi customary law.

Biku Ruja was a  fourth-semester student of Dera Natung Government college, who was killed in police firing during protest against PRC issue on February 24.

Addressing a press conference , Biki Tamo, President of  Biki Welfare Society (BWS) demanded the constitution of special investigation team (SIT) headed by a High court retired Judge to probe  the whole incident.

BWS also demanded resignation from state chief minister, Dy chief minister and Chairman of Joint High Power committee ( JHPC) of PRC.

“We strongly condemn district administration for failing to deal with the protestors peacefully and use of the excessive police force. Our deepest condolences to those families who lost their loved ones in the protest,” said Biki Tamo.

Dubbing the police action on the protesters as “cold-blooded murder”, Tamo questioned ” is the Government now trying to buy and bury the sentiments of the deceased family by providing money without any government representative come forward to meet the victim family?

BWS raised the questions …. Why water cannon or other crowd control measure not used to contain the crowd? And who gave the shooting order as  the  Home Minister stated that he did not issued shooting order?  Questioned Tamo.

Attributing District administration negligence for the tragedy, Tamo sought immediate termination of Itanagar Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan and Superintendent of police (SP) from their post for their alleged failure to handle the situation peacefully.

“Merely announcing compensation is not t a solution and would not give justice to my brother nor fill the vacuum in our family created by my brother’s demise until the security personnel involved in the shooting case is brought to justice,” lamented the embittered Brother of deceased, Biki Talom.

The family members also claimed that no one from the government has so far contacted them to consent excluding a third party who came just to seek account number of his father to deposit the compensation money.

It further threatened that failure to hand over the security personnel responsible for Ruja’s death within the given deadline by March 9 may invite rigorous protest.


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