Arunachal: ABK urges DC Pasighat to give attention to flood affected villages

Pasighat-  In a representation to Dy. Commissioner, Pasighat on Monday, the Adi Baane Kebang apex with its district unit appealed for timely and basic attention to worst flood affected villages like Namsing, Seram and Sigar by providing basic assistance to the villagers so that they could overcome the massive soil erosion toward their areas.

In their representation, the team ABK (apex) led by Secretary General, Okom Yosung and East Siang District Unit Vice President, Talop Darang and Secretary Admin, Kalen Komut said that, they have inspected the flood ravaged villages like Namsing, Sigar and Seram where they found and observed basic assistance needed by the villagers working voluntary flood protection works to minimize massive soil erosion.

On their appeal of providing departmental laborers in the field work of flood control works, providing of NDRF personnel on the ground work of voluntary flood protection works in the river bank, constitution of damage assessment board etc, DC Pasighat Dr. Kinny Singh assured deploy four personnel of NDRF in the flood protection works at Namsing to assist the villagers as they are not skilled in working under flood water.

For damage assessment board also DC has already instructed a team under DDMO who are assessing the loses due to flood etc. ABK has expressed satisfaction over DC’s prompt action on the case of flood victims and affected people.


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