Arunachal: A major fire averted by intervention of a student of Himalayan university at Lekhi

Lekhi-  A student from Himalayan University is being hailed as a hero after he averts a major fire mishap at the busy Lekhi Market area, while risking his life today morning.

In  Lekhi Market area on Wednesday morning at around 9.30 AM, a Cooking gas cylinder kept at a chicken meat shop began to leak and eventually  caught fire and subsequently the front portion of the shop also caught fire.


 According to people, while panic gripped the area as the cylinder caught fire and others watched it from meters away while traffic on NH-415 was standstill for more than 10 minutes, then a youth from nowhere arrived at the site and grabbed a cloth, wrapped the burning cylinder after dipping in the water, and somehow pulled it out in open space and save the shopping complex to get in contact with fire.

The boy was in the neighborhood when he saw people screaming. He went to investigate it and saw the plumes of smoke coming from one of the shops and people running helter-skeletons to extinguish the fire.

He immediately rushed to the shop and did not hesitate to act, while others did not even dare to come close to the burning cylinder and many recording the incident with their Smartphone’s. however the shop owner and his wife also join the young boy in extinguishing the fire later which was doused without losing any other property and life.

 “If it wasn’t for the timely intervention of the boy, it could have led to a blast which could caused a major catastrophe as the area is thickly populated with thatched building ,” a man was seen talking about the incident in a video now doing rounds on  social networking sites.

Sources have revealed that the youth learned basic fire lessons as a part of  university curriculum. The incident also caused a major traffic snarl in NH-415 at Lekhi and the fire is suspected to be triggered due to a leakage.

The incident resulted in no human casualties and no significant damage caused to property also.


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