Arunachal: 4-year-old girl donates piggy bank saving for fighting Coronavirus

Capital DC and SP lauded her effort.


A four-year-old girl in Itanagar has donated her piggy bank savings to police officials fighting to combat spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) in Arunachal Pradesh.

Four-year-old girl child, Nending Evlyn from Abotany colony here is winning hearts after she donates whatever she had saved in his piggy bank  to front line police officials fighting to stop the spread of deadly  coronavirus (Covid-19).

When asked by parents whom out of three (to Volunteers working to feed stray  animals, mask makers and police officials) parties she wants to contribute.

Little Evelyn replies gracefully that she wants to contribute it to the police officers.

The gesture had  surely boosted spirit of hundred of thousands of police officials selflessly rendering duties to keep us safe.

” Heartfelt thank you to little COVID warrior , Nending Evelyn who contributed all her deposits to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.  Your kind gesture will sure boost the morale and spirit of the entire police department, “, thanked Capital SP, Tumme Amo who was really touched by little warrior goodwill gesture.

Later Capital Deputy Commissioner Komkar Dulom also congratulated the initiative  of a 4 year small child in the hour of crisis and lauded her effort. In a message to this daily, Dulom said that “her effort is an inspiration to us who are in the battle field against the Covid-19,  we congratulate her effort”. Dulom added.


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