Arunachal: 3500 BJP workers rejoin Congress in Lekang Assembly Constituency


More than 3500 of BJP workers from the Lekang Assembly constituency, which falls under Arunachal Pradesh’s Namsai District, rejoined the Congress Party at a rally held here recently.

The president of the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee, Takam Sanjoy, termed the attendance as a mass awakening for the prosperity of the state.

It must be mention here that before a weak about 200 workers  of BJP switched over their loyalty with the Congress in the same Assembly Constituency .

The workers who rejoined the Congress party told to the media that ” the people, particularly the youth of this area are hardworking and energetic, but the local leader, despite being elected repeatedly, never cared for his voters, leading to their present horrible living conditions”,

Even our  elected leader failed to give protection from flood by river Noadehing, they added.

Arunachal: 3500 BJP workers rejoin Congress in Lekang Assembly Constituency


Addressing the gathering APPC president, Takam Sanjoy, who chaired the high-powered committee on grant of LPC, said that he had submitted the report to the GoAP recommending grant of permanent residential certificate (PRC) forthwith, but the Government of Arunachal Pradesh, is yet to act. All of you, including men and women, and PR leaders have to unite to launch the agitation to achieve success, he exhorted.

A 30-member team led by Nyasam Jongsam, Tirap team led by senior leader-cum-DCC president Chongkkom Hondik, while APCC vice presidents Thingap Taiju & Mikir Lollen, general secretaries, presidents Kamla Lingi (APMCC), Geli Ete (APYC) & Teli Mello Camdir (NSUI) and Seval Dal chief organiser Kipa Kaha, among host of party leaders, were present in the meeting .


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