Arunachal- 12 Hrs Namsai Bandh passes Peaceful


The 12 hour Namsai District bandh called by various NGOs and unions passed off peacefully without any untoward incident today. The bandh call was organized to condemn in strongest term and show solidarity with the police personnel who were critically injured during the September 10 incident. The objective was also to send a clear message to everyone that entire Namsai is against drug menace, addicts, peddlers, mafia and all the abattoirs in this activity.

Namsai-bandh-1The NGOs who called the bandh have  submitted a 7-point memorandum to Deputy Commissioner Namsai and demanded that within thirty days starting from today i.e Sept 13 there should be ground level development of there demands failing which such type of agitation may continue in due course of time.

Increasing the number of police personnel in Namsai district, is one of the important demand mentioned in the memorandum. Presently, the Namsai police station is equipped with mere strength of 14 police personnel excluding the officers. With these limited manpower, the police station is unable to perform or render its service efficiently.

People also demands establishment of police post to be monitored by the IRBN and civil police. The local NGO’s namely  ATKSSU, ANAYA, ANDSU, SEWA, WWS-Namsai, Mahila mandal Chongkham etc. should be allowed to witness the proceeding while police personnel operating the checking, this will drastically control the influx of drugs to spread to the other bank of the river as this is only one entry point.

Demands for establishment of a women Cell,   A team of flying squad well equipped with necessary equipment/narcotic testing kits etc,  and immediate  arresting of Drug Paddlers also raised in the memorandum.


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