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Army Rescues a Baby Elephant separated from its Mother


The cordial coexistence between man and wild, a frequent phenomenon in the North East part of the country, was once again at it’s best display today when the army rescued a Baby Elephant which got separated from it’s mother and the main herd and fell into a wide drain, fracturing it’s right forelimb.babay-elephant-rescue-3

It was in the early hours of the morning today, that a routine parameter patrol of the 14 Ammunition Depot at Narangi Cantt, Guwahati ,found a baby elephant  stuck in a drain near the boundary of the Depot in great pain and discomfort. The Commander of the Patrol Party immediately informed the Commandant of the Depot Col Sanjiv Vohra about the incident. The Commandant immediately swung into action and  activated his Quick Reaction Team along with the available officers and informed the GOC of 51 Sub Area Maj Gen AK Jha of the situation at hand. The staff of the Sub Area Headquarters on directions of the GOC informed the local Forest Department Personnel for expert help.

The Quick Reaction Team under the supervision of the Commandant of the Ammunition Depot and other officers was able to retrieve the Baby elephant. The brought the baby elephant o a shady place and provided it with food and other assistance.  Meanwhile, the Forest Department team also arrived on the scene.

Due to non availability of a civilian vet because of it being a state holiday on account of Bihu, the Army Veterinary team under a senior Army Remount and Veterinary Corps Officer was pressed into service on the orders of GOC 51 Sub Area Maj Gen AK Jha, to provide first aid to the injured Baby elephant.babay-elephant-rescue-2

The Army Vet provided immediate first aid to the animal and administered pain killers to provide much required relief to the animal. Overall it was a wonderful display of compassion between man and the wild and the responsiveness of troops towards maintaining a healthy eco system. At the time of filing this Press Release, the Baby elephant is calm and being fed and taken care of by the troops of the Ammunition Depot and the Army Vets are providing him with the required treatment.

It may be recalled that in a similar incident in April 2014, a Baby elephant  was rescued from a pond by the personal of the same Ammunition Depot in the same general area under the same Commandant.


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  1. Hats off to the Indian Army. It’s indeed commendable the work they are doing, not just for the citizens but also for animals.

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