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Army Launches Rescue Operations in Bongaigaon and Chirang

The Indian Army has swung itself fully into the task of Flood Relief and Rescue operations in the flood affected Areas of Bongaigaon and Chirang district.
The Indian Army received distress calls from the populace of Chirang and Bongaigaon in the late afternoon asking for succor from floods. The Army swung into action despite heavy rains and swift currents.
Reacting swiftly to provide humanitarian assistance,  the Army launched one column in Chirang and two columns in Bongaigaon with boats. The Army persons waded through rushing currents and their boats plowed through in a bid to rescue marooned people.  200 people were saved in Chirang District while in Bongaigaon 150 people were saved from drowning.
Army Launches Rescue Operations in Bongaigaon and Chirang
The Army even conducted a medical camp in Kokrajhar helping 100 patients. It is pertinent to mention that based on earlier experience and lessons learnt in the recently concluded Exercise Jalrahat, the Army has pre placed the flood relief equipment at designated places for their swift employment on need basis in the shortest possible time frame, providing succor to the people suffering due to the fury of floods.



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