APSSB job scam: 20 person has been so far arrested- SP, SIC (Vigilance)

17 people have been arrested with regards to the LDC case while 3 people have been arrested in the UDC job scam.

Itanagar-  The Special Investigation Cell (SIC) of state police have registered two cases in the APSSB job scam and have arrested 20 people so far. informed M Harsha Vardhan, SP, SIC.

 “The case has been registered in LDC and UDC job scam separately. 17 people have been arrested with regards to the LDC case while 3 people have been arrested in the UDC job scam. Recently one more candidate was arrested related to the LDC case. The investigation has progressed much in both the cases”, the SP said.

He added that the investigation is going in the right direction with proper evidence collection. “We have closely investigated every aspect and have collected all the evidence which we believe will lead to successful prosecution of people involved in the scam,” he added.

However he did agree that Covid 19 pandemic has somewhat affected the progress of investigation. One month after the case was lodged the national lockdown started.

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Electronic evidence collected is to be sent to the forensic lab. These labs are mostly located outside the state. They had remained close during lockdown.  This has delayed the investigation,” said SP Harsha Vardhan.

Further the SP said some legal process has to be completed and the regular functioning of court will also help to speed up the process. The SP also informed that some more arrests will be made in the days to come.

 “Some more arrests are expected in the LDC case. Non bailable warrant issued against absconding people and SIC has prayed court to declare them absconded,” he said.  The SP assured that soon SIC will file charge-sheet and are accordingly working to prepare a fool proof case.

Further he also informed that money trail have been found in both LDC and UDC case and accounts of the accused have been seized.

Many accused are on bail and few are still in custody, further investigation will continue and hope the process goes well. Harsha Vardhan added.

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