APSSB Fiasco: Aspirants serve 7-day ultimatum, threatens for movement

APSSB  Aspirant Committee for Justice and Reformation (ICJR) has demanded for immediate arrest and suspension of A. C Verma, S. K Jain, G. S Meena, Tamune Miso and others.


APSSB aspirants served 7-day ultimatum to state govt to issue official order for re-conduct of LDC/JSA examination which was conducted on February 2, failing which the committee have threaten to launch a democratic movement with a protest march on March 6 next.

Expressing strong displeasure over not arresting all officials that may be associated with APSSB Fiasco, the APSSB  Aspirant Committee for Justice and Reformation (ICJR) has demanded for immediate arrest and suspension of A. C Verma, S. K Jain, G. S Meena, Tamune Miso and others.

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In a press conference here at Arunachal Press Club (APC), the ICJR Convener Tadar Kaming Paji informed that the committee have submitted 6 points memorandum to the Chief Minister office today, in which they have demanded for immediate arrest and suspension of the said officials, invoking of 56(j) of CSS rule, re-conduction of fresh UDC/Store Keeper etc. and LDC/JSA examination, revamping of APSSB and review standard operating procedure (SOP), and state award and a Government Job for the whistleblower.

The committee stated that there should be no second thought in taking stern action as per law against those officials. Further, they viewed that officers like A.C Verma, S. K Jain and others should be treated at par with, how Kapter Ringu is being treated.

Further, the committee has said that those officers involved in the APSSB job scandal should be made to take voluntary retirement under clause 56 (j) of CSS rule. Stressing on this, Kaming said that CM Khandu being very vocal about taking stern action against any erring officers should act upon it so that no other government official should ever dare to indulge in such act.

Stating that arrest of Mongan Basar and Tame Tania have ascertained that both had upper hand in job scandal in connivance with the APSSB officials, they said that thorough investigation on all APSSB conducted examination and if any candidate is found to be recruited though unfair means should be terminated at the earliest.

Furthermore, while claiming that recently selected UDC personnel through APSSB Moli Basar is the younger brother of arrested Mongam Basar and Tame Nanu is the brother of arrested Tame Tania, they  said possibility of these candidates selected through unfair means cannot be ruled out. Therefore, they have demanded for re-conduct of the UDC exam immediately.

They said that after thorough investigation, the standard operating procedure (SOP) of APSSB should be reviewed and bring reformation for further recruitment process to be swift and fair. For revamping of APSSB, they said that consultants from Rajiv Gandhi University and NERIST would be deemed and appreciated.

Appreciating the whistleblower, they said that state award should be given to the person without whom the whole job scandal would have gone unnoticed.

Meanwhile, the committee has said that they will hold a protest march from Dera Natung College  (DNGC) Vivek Vihar to Raj Bhawan on March 6 next if the government fails to meet their demands till March 5.

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