APACC welcomes Govt’s decision to bring whole of Arunachal Pradesh under 6th schedule

Itanagar: The Arunachal Pradesh Abotani Community Confederation (APACC) has welcomed the state government’s move to bring Arunachal Pradesh under  the 6th Schedule of the Constitution of India and to further strengthen Article 371 (H) as par with Article 371 (A).

In a press conference held here at Arunachal Press Club (APC)  Chairman, APACC, Taba Taku said this is indeed a good news that the state government has decided to go for resolution for re-amendment of  the defective statehood act and insert more protective layers on the existing Article 371 (H).

Noting that Article 371 (h) does not actually grant special rights and protections to indigenous communities of the state, Taku said that provisions under the Sixth Schedule would guarantee the tribal people of the state constitutional protection over their land, resources, culture, and distinct customs.

After the state attained statehood, Taku stated that the tribal people of the state have not been provided any constitutional or special privileges to protect the customary laws and rights to land ownership, resources of the tribal people of the state.

“The state government has demonstrated honest political will and power of good governance by taking a landmark decision to send proposals to the Center for further amendments to 371 (h) and to obtain special protection under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution, “Taku said

“In line with the government decision, we would also like to request the State Government to move the Center to further strengthen the Bengal Eastern  Frontier Regulation  Act 1873 to ensure absolute protection to the tribal people of the state, Taku appealed.

The committee further also reiterated the implementation of the disproportionate asset bill under the prevention of corruption act 1988 and to initiate substantial measures to ensure the effective functioning of the Lokayukta office in the state.

“No activities or proceeding of cases has been heard from the anti-corruption ombudsman organization after the state government enacted a law to set Lokayukta to address the menace of corruption on March 4, 2014, in the state,” the committee claimed.


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