Administration evicted illegal marketing shed at Ganga


Capital district administration today carried out eviction drive to market shed at Ganga Market.

The Market shed constructed by unknown person yesterday night at the parking area of Tata Mobile on ROW of NH-415 near Hanuman Mandir in Ganga Market was evicted by Executive Magistrate Jiken Bomjen and police personnel with the help of workers of Highway department.

Tata Mobile President Khyoda Taha and General Secretary Niktar Togling while lamented that someone have illegally constructed the Market shed in their parking area which is not at all exceptable to anyone.

The Tata mobile driver since morning facing acute problem in parking their vehicle and therefore there is no option but to park on roadside. However written complaint have already been submitted to district administration and thanks the DA of swift action in this regard.

ALL Arunachal Pradesh Vendor and Hawkers Association President Nabam Rojer said that we have been evicted from the same place and shifted to two vending zone in the Ganga Market, the vacated area are since then used by the Tata mobile and encroachment to public premised need to be evicted without delay.

Talking to  Arunachal24  Itanagar Executive Magistrate Jiken Bomjen said that recently we have carried out eviction and cleared all encroachment along the ROW of NH-415 and all of a sudden such structure constructed without any purposed and are illegal on ROW. Administration have already received of written complaint and eviction notice have also been issued but whom to delivered as no one have come forward neither identified so far.

The evicted area falls under ROW so it was necessary to evict and appeal every one not to encourage such construction in ROW.

Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan informed that no illegal structure shall be allowed to come up in the area of Right of Way (ROW) of National Highway-415 and any such unauthorised structure are liable to be evicted without notice.

He further appeal the public to remain cautious and to abide by the law and support the construction of Highway without any hindrance. Dhawan added.


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