AAPSU lauds state govt for imposing lockdown in Capital Region

Itanagar-   The All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has welcomed the state government’s decision to implement a seven-day lockdown in capital complex and appealed to initiate every possible effort to prevent community transmission of Covid-19.

AAPSU vice-president Meje Taku, who is also the Union’s Covid-19 mission chairman, said that the primary and secondary contacts of the two frontline workers who were tested Covid-19 positive should be re-tested to eliminate any scope of doubt.

Taku expressed concern over the possibility of false test results and pointed out that the primary and secondary contacts were tested on June 30 whereas IMCR guidelines say that test should be conducted after five to 10 days from the day of contact with an infected person and also to follow the minimum incubation period.

He demanded that a re-testing should be conducted on 4 July of all suspects who came in contact with the duo.  Taku also stated that the authorities concerned should use the new lockdown to extend the period to conduct such testing and the lockdown period be extended if necessary.

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Taku has also demanded a temporary ban on the flow of returnees during the lockdown period saying that such a measure will reduce the workload of health workers and more attention can be paid to the existing batch of returners.

Taku also opposed that decision to reopen all religious institutions citing when schools, colleges, etc are being shut down, the church should not be allowed to re-open which may a source of large gathering and may infection takes place. He observed.

He also demanded that all vehicles ferrying essential commodities or on medical emergencies entering through check gates should be properly sanitized with Sodium Chlorite solution. He added that other than permitted vehicles to enter the state, all gates should be sealed off till situation improves.


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