AAPASHA & FWU conducts 1st ever coordination meeting, demands for redressing the grievances of ASHA and AF workers

PASIGHAT (Maksam Tayeng)-  The All Arunachal Pradesh ASHA and Facilitator Worker’s Union (AAPASHA & FWU) which is carrying out a state tour of various districts to interact and hear the long felt grievances of ASHA workers and Asha Facilitators, held its 1st ever coordination meeting of ASHA workers and AF of East Siang district on Thursday at Siying Gangging of GTC, Pasighat.

 The 1st coordination meeting of Asha and AF of Pasighat was attended by several Asha and AF workers of East Siang district along with representatives from Siang and Upper Siang district. The team AAPASHA & FWU led by its President, Puri Logi Dui and Smti Jirli Lombi Gamlin,Western Zonal Secretary cum office Secretary (HQ Itanagar) heard the various grievances shared by the Asha and AF workers of East Siang, Siang and Upper Siang District after covering eastern Arunachal side in the same tour.

The various speakers of Asha and AF workers in the 1st coordination meeting narrated about their ordeals of facing financial crisis due to non-payment of monthly payment/honorarium of Rs. 2000 and Top-Up on time and gross negligence upon them by the state government. AAPASHA & FWU East Siang Unit President, Parvoty Moyong  and General Secretary, Moyir Koyu have strongly demanded for timely release of monthly honorarium/salary of Asha and AF workers and Top-up which are not timely released by the state government’s health department. Both Moyong and Koyu also on behalf of all Asha and AF workers appealed to the state government for enhancing the honorarium/payment of Asha and AF workers from present Rs. 2000 to Rs. 9000 for Asha and Rs. 10,000 for AF.

Some of AF speakers during the meeting, especially from Borguli PHC, Tuting in U/Siang and Siang districts also sought for giving quotas of ANM course for AF workers who have requisite qualification of Class-X at the likes of quota given to the Asha workers. They also sought a promotional quota in the ANM from the Asha and AF workers as per the dedication and seniority of the Asha AF workers.

Meanwhile, AAPASHA & FWU President, Puri Logi Dui and Smti Jirli Lombi Gamlin,Western Zonal Secretary cum office Secretary have assured the Asha and AF workers to take up their grievances and appeals before the state government for its early redressal. Talking to this scribe, Dui said that he has already taken up the concern of Asha and AF workers with the concerned department of health while taking the help of Kiren Rijiju, Union Minister of Law and Justice. He also said that Lakhs of fund mean for Asha and AF workers during Coronavirus pandemic hectic engagements are still not released yet, but he hinted of filing RTI against the government if funds are misused or unused due to non performance or non submission of reports of Ashas and AFs from the respective districts.

While Jirli Lombi Gamlin who is working hard for the rights of the entire Asha and AF workers of the state have hinted of getting fired from her Asha work due to her active role in leading the cause of the organization. However, all the Asha and AF workers have assured to stand by her side firmly in case any attempts are made against Gamlin and also the Asha and AF workers urged her to continue to fight for their general rights being deprived by the state government.



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