6 dwelling houses gutted in fire mishap at Rina village in Lower Siang


Six dwelling housed gutted in a devastating fire mishap at Rina village in Koyu circle of Lower Siang on Sunday. All house hold belongings also gutted in the mishap.

ADC, Nari sub division Bani Lego inform that as per information from the Koyu circle EAC the fire mishap was occurred at around 10.30 PM in which 6 dwelling houses have been completed gutted. Since it was dark at night and no household belongings could be saved.

EAC alongwith police today visited the spot at Rina village and provided immediate relief of Rupees Five thousand. Assessment is being done and after it would be put up so that the relief could be provided. ADC said.

No loss of life and injury has been reported, As of now the cause of fire is yet to be known. ADC added.

6 dwelling houses gutted in fire mishap at Rina village in Lower Siang

Meanwhile, Nari-Koyu MLA Kento Rina said that on receipt of information, ADC Nari and EAC Koyu was informed to rush to spot to assess the loss of property.

I have send some emergency materials like blankets and utensil to the victims family. Meanwhile other Karko Ayo Welfare Association (KAWA) has also extended help and support to the fire victims. MLA added.


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