VKV, Sher student death case: My son was murdered, fair investigation should be done- parents


The parents of Ngurang Paro, student of VKV,  Sher have alleged that their son was murdered  and demanded a fair investigation  of the whole incident.

Ngurang Paro, a Class VI student of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (VKV),  Sher found dead under mysterious condition in the school campus on March 13 last.

The Father of the  deceased student, Ngurang Taluk has alleged gross negligence on the part of school authorities and said that parents should have been informed first  if there was any problems among the students.

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“I was not informed by the school authorities even on the very day the incident took place rather i receieved news of my son’s death from the from the police”, said Ngurang Taluk, the deceased’s father.

Taluk informed that news has been circulating in local dailies and social media about incidents of fighting among the students, but his child had never complained to him because he hoped that everything would be fine as the school authorities will act responsibly to maintain brotherhood among the students.

“I have lost of my son. The signs of injures on my son’s body are saying that he was murdered. Who so ever the culprit may be need to be given exemplary punishment as per law”. Taluk alleged

“No one from the school authority and VKV sanghatan has come to me in this time of grief to discuss the matter which has deeply saddened me and my family. I want assurance from the VKV higher authorities so that no such incident takes place and will make necessary rectification in their management with all schools so that no other child loses his life in the life school hostel”. He added.

Meanwhile, the Kimin police has been investigating the matter and so far three officials of the school has been arrested including School Principal and two hostel warden and remanded to judicial custody on Sunday.

Papum Pare district Superintendent of Police, Jimmy Chiram inform that ” the investigation is in fast track and SDPO (Rural) Dekio Gumja is camping at Kimin”.

SDPO (Rural) Dekio Gumja who was camping at Sher said that “As of now hostel and school are closed and no student was there. Investigations are underway and effort is being taken to and collect all necessary evidence. We remain hopefull that the investigations will be completed as early as possible”.


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  1. We need justice .This is a crime .I wonder why is the news and media of India not showing us this .The kids who bet him should also be punished . He was just 12 years old .

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