VIDEO- Khandu’s open challenge to voters in Pakke kesang- “Don’t vote for BJP in 2019 if there is no development  within one year”



By Manzar Alam

“If there is no development in this place within one year, then don’t vote for BJP in the upcoming general election next year. I take this is a challenge while standing on this stage, do you people accept it ?”

These were the words of Arunachal Pradesh CM Pema Khandu while  addressing an election rally attended by voters of the Pakke Kesang  Constituency .

PakKe kesang is a small area bordering Assam where development work have come to a standstill.

While addressing the rally, Pema khandu said “Pema Khandu says what he does and he fullfills whatever promises he makes to the people, hence if you want to see your area developed then accept my challenge and vote for BJP and if I can’t live up to my promise then don’t even let me enter this area in the 2019 General Elections and don’t vote for BJP.

Click and watch Video of  Khandu’s Challenges 


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