Tine Mena house at Roing gutted in Fire


The house of Tine Mena at Roing town was gutted after being engulfed in a fire.  It must be mention here that Tine Mena is the first women Everester from Arunachal. The photograps of the Gutted house  goes viral in social media.

As per the source  the fire broke out at early in the morning on Thursday, spread very quickly and burnt the entire house along with all its belongings to ashes in a matter of seconds. Since the house was a traditional house made of bamboo, the fire did not take time to spread.

Although Mena is reportedly fine, three family members received burns while trying to save some property. Not a single item could be saved.

This is not the first time that the Everester has suffered a loss of this nature as Mena’s house in Intaya village was also completely burnt down in 2014.

Unfortunately, all of Mena’s certificates and equipments were also lost to the fire. As per customary rules, following a fire incident, she cannot leave the incident site and has to build a house within five days time, so she is now living in a tent until her new house is ready.