The Head Hunter- Nilanjan Dutta’s new film

Itanagar-  Arunachal Pradesh, a pristine and untouched  state located in northeast India is filled with a myriad of wonders, from lush green hills and snow peaked mountains with shallow streams and waterfalls snaking their way through them to the rich history and culture of its 26 major tribes and over a 100 other sub groups. However its relative isolation from the rest of the nation has forced the people of this pristine land to wage a battle to protect their cultural identity. This clash of cultures against the backdrop of its scenic natural beauty is being brought to the fore by filmmaker Nilanjan Dutta  with his new film ‘The Head Hunter’.

IMG-20151204-WA0010The plot of this film revolves around an elderly man hailing from the ‘Wancho’ tribe, a tribe which  believes in martial prowess and hunts wild animals. The elderly protagonist of this film is the sole guardian of a forest grove teeming with wild animals. The government wants to build a road through the forest, a move vehemently opposed by the elderly guardian but is tricked into leaving his forest to visit the city by a young government official who happens to be a member of his tribe. Upon his return, he finds his forest changed completely. The central theme of this film revolves around the waning identity of forests and its gradual destruction.

An alumni of the “Institute of film and Television” at Pune, filmmaker Nilanjan Dutta has a keen interest in making films depicting north east India and has previously made two films before, ‘Vichitra’ and ‘Laghu’. He was also awarded the ‘National Film Award’ in 2009     for his film ‘Laghu’.

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