Techi Kaso visits several landslide affected area in Capital complex


Local MLA and Parliamentary Secretary PWD, UD Techi Kaso today visited several landslide affected areas in capital complex.

He visited at Gohpur Tinali where several house was completely buried along with all household belongings and one Scooty and a motorcycle in the landslide debries.

Kaso visited the flood hit chandranagar area where more than 20 housed was badly affected by the overflowing of the Senki river. He also visited 2 house nearby which was affected by land slide of Tagru Dolu and Tadam Tada near Primary School Chandranagar.

Techi Kaso visits several landslide affected area in Capital complexHe also visited Nyokum Lapang where 3 dwelling housed of  Nguri Tayum, Longku Tagiam and Yarda Dolo have been completely damaged and land where these were constructed went in the landslide to hill slope. IMC Councillor Tatung Tania, Gora Tallang and youth leader Tai Roket accompanied the MLA. They also visited the restoration work being carried out by TK Construction on four land road on NH-415 near Gohepur Tinali and few other places.

ZPC Kurung Kumey Sangha Tagik while inform that heavy rainfall and landslide have damaged two suspension bridge of Sarli to Wabia and Sarli to Namjo connecting several villages which is routs for military patrolling in the China border of Sarli Circle bordering China of the district. The said suspension bride were maintaining lifeline for many villages like Walu, Sipe, Chene, Palo, Mili, Machane, Bala,Gane, Polosang, Kapu, Waru, Sarma, Riya, Vattine and Chula. Tagik while appealed the government for immediate restoration of the above said two suspension bridge in the interest of the public service and convenient of the local people there.

Meanwhile Papum Pare SP Tumme Amo informed arunachal24 that  road communication between  Doimukh-Hoj/Ziro and Doimukh-Sagalee/Seppa blocked. Restoration works going on in full swing day and night.