Talo HSS fire incident: ANSU demands magisterial enquiry

ANSU today demanded magisterial enquiry into the fire incident  of  Talo Government Higher Secondary School.


 All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) today demanded magisterial enquiry into the fire incident  of  Talo Government Higher Secondary School, under Lower Subansiri district wherein the entire school building  along with it’s properties have been gutted into the devastating inferno.

A team of executive members of the ANSU led by its President Toko Takam, General Secretary Tukbom Ligu alogwith team of All Yachuli students union visited the Talo Higher Secondary School campus and discussed with the staffs, students and locals of the area of the situation arise out of the devastating fire mishap.

Interacting the locals, staffs and students of the school Takam said that it is a very unfortunate incident and.   We need a magisterial enquiry which shall reveal all truth.

In such situation the main problems remain to start the classes in any case as the examination are nearby. The DC should have visited the site and immediately plan to restart the school. He also requited the education department immediately formulate the plan to restart the school.

He said that the school upgraded in 2009 and since then it is functioning with lack of sufficient teachers. He while lamenting lackadaisical attitude of the elected representative who have been elected twice but could not give his due attention and care and the developmental of education.

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School Principal said that it was unexpected incident. The school could not run  until the governed take a decision the school. Almost all the books, almirah, furniture, fixture, documents of students and staffs and files and school register, wall, celling including the roof of the SPD and even RCC building were turned into ashes.

 An FIR have been filed with the Ziro Police. the matter have been informed to the higher authority and hope that the problem is resolved.

However ANSU President Toko Takam while replying to media person said that it is an embracing situation as how the school have been gutted is still to be known, he demanded immediate constitution of magisterial enquiry, immediate restoration of school on temporary basis for restarting of classes.

 He assured to provide chock, duster, blackboard, emergency light, water filters, files, register, school bell, dust bin, games and sports items and emergency items soon but the basic items like bench, desk and other items including the temporary shed need to be constructed immediately so as the classes of the students are not affected.

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