“Swachhata Hi Seva” held at Huakan, a remote village of Arunachal


Huakan Youth Welfare Association ( HYWA ) on Saturday organised a Mass Social Service as part of “Swachhata Hi Seva”  at Huakan village along with 4 kms long PMGSY Road started from Huakan’s chief residence to Dadam main road junction .

All heads of family and youths of Huakan actively participated in this social service programme.

The Chief of Huakan, Kamwang Lowang appreciated the HYWA team for conducting “Swachhata Hi Seva” social service.  He said  this will be a grate help to the people of the locality as  Ronghuan Kuhwa,  a major festival of Huakan village will be held  from 10th to 12th October.

"Swachhata Hi Seva" held at Huakan, a remote village of Arunachal

He also announced that all the youth along with heads of family shall participating in the ensuing “Gandhi Jayanti” on 2nd October, 2017 “Swachhata Hi Seva” Porter track Jungle clearance Social service from Huakan to Dadam village.

The President HYWA Waboam Nokbi and Secretary HYWA Wangwih Sumnyan extends their heartfelt thanks to Public leader Jalin Hakhun for providing one JCB  for the event. they also appreciated Nyamwang Lowang, son of Dadam Chief Wanggo Lowang and Wanang Thinra of Kothin village for joining with them in the event.

A day long programme concluded with community feast at the residence of Nyesom Aboh, Treasurer HYWA.



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