Surrender land or face Action- Rebia warned land encroachers


Minister Urban Development, Land Management, ULB and Doimukh local MLA Nabam Rebia in an interaction today said that the government land encroachers should willingly surrender their land in the interest of area or ready to face action.

Rebia said that many individuals have illegally occupied government land at Doimukh township is a matter of major concern and this have been informed in public at a function held at Doimukh yesterday on eve of mass social service. During AC Baruah as EAC  some of the land encroachers have obtained Land possession Certificate (LPC) is matter of great concern and all land has been encroached upon and occupied by private individuals. The government is facing a lot in taking up any important project in the interest of public.

All need to be evicted and first move should be made by political leaders. The public leaders should voluntary surrender the land if they are illegally occupying and encroached upon the government land or else they should face action. They must surrender within this month even if they have obtained LPC. The political leaders should understand and appreciating the difficulties and they should come out first.

When asked why LPC was issued, Rebia said that action will also initiated against all those officers involved but first political leaders need to surrender within a month or else all LPC mostly would be cancelled

When asked about structured constructed in those plots, Rebia said that the immovable structure constructed on the government land would be regularised but there is a system of government and formalities need to taken up by paying the cost of structure and the government land as well.