Students unions appeal in favour of Tuki

Itanagar-  Students  union of three districts Tirap, Longding and Changlang of Arunachal Pradesh appealed to a group of 21 MLAs of the state to come back their home and participate in the government. This  appeal of theirs has been posted on facebook.

Actually a group of 21 Congress legislators including six former ministers and the principal advisor to the chief minister led by senior leader Kalikho Pul are campaigning since the last few weeks in New Delhi demanding a change of leadership in the state. It must be mentioned here that the political crisis over the leadership issue in Arunachal Pradesh is still going on and hampering the development process in the state.

The Text of the Facebook post is mentioned below

Face book Post-

face book shotWe the District Students’ Union of all the three districts viz; Tirap, Changlang and Longding would like to appeal to our respective MLAs to come back home state and cooperate in development works. Development should be the first priority, Politics a secondary one:- It is almost two months gone without the presence of MLAs in their respective constituencies. In the absence of MLAs the common people, local contractors, govt. officials and others well wishers are undergoing hard toil sufferings. Without the consult and proper guidance from the leaders people are unable to make good decisions regarding the development projects, works etc. Now, this is a working season for the government. This is the right time to make plans and proposals for the projects and that has to be get approval in the upcoming budget sessions. If this peak season is being wasted without getting any good proposals for the respective constituencies than the whole coming year will go in vain with no progress. They contended that Tirap Changlang and Longding being the backward district, the elected MLAs should make more effort to execute various state and central projects. 
We students’ union has nothing to do with the internal political tussle among the party leaders. As a mouth piece of the common citizens of the three districts our concerned is more about developmental issues. Politics is an inevitable ingredient for a healthy democracy but Politics and development works should go hand to hand. In the name of politics development works should not be hampered or kept in halt. Politics can be played while staying at home state than absconding with no communication to the people. MLAs are the peoples’ representative not for the party: – It is regrettable and saddens to state that the MLAs who were elected by the majority of the people are staying outside their constituencies with no correspondence to the people. MLAs should represent their people first than the party affairs. The members said that the people were supreme in Democracy and it was the people who decided the fate of the elected leaders adding that the elected leaders could not act and function according to their whims and fancies therefore the Negligence of duty by the MLAs is betrayed to the voters. 

People have endorsed the representatives to listen to their grievances and to place its problems before the Govt. whatever may be the internal crisis within the party, people are least concerned about those stuff. What the people need is development and progressing in right time. 
Therefore, with no political intention and in the interest of the people of Tirap, Changlang and Longding District, We District Students’ Unions (DSUs) from all the above three district would like to sincerely appeal our Hon’ble MLAs to come back home state and focus on development of their respective constituencies. We are no one to question what, how and which type of politics has be played but it is our right to question on development of the region which is being hampered due to the absence of the representatives.

Latter students leaders call on to Chief Minister appealing him not to allow development activities to hamper in these three districts. After patient hearing Chief Minister Nabam Tuki has assured the students leaders that he will continue his commitments for all round developments  initiated by his government throughout the state and TCL too.

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