Strong Resentment over proposed Namdapha dist


A general public consensus meeting in regard to newly proposed Namdapha district was held here at here at community hall kharsang dated, kharsang on Saturday. In the meeting all the speakers  representing from various sections of societies, NGO’S, Student Unions, Panchayat leaders, Gaon Burahs, intellectuals, public leaders,  mahilla mandals and youths have expressed their strong resentment over the newly proposed Namdapha dist without taking prior consensus at the grass root level thereby undermining the very meaning of democracy.

 All the speakers expressed their serious concern over the haste decision taken recently on 28th January,  at Miao to create a Namdapha dist without consulting and taking into the confidence of all the stakeholders of kharsang and Namphai circles.

 Many speakers from both the circles have expressed their anxiety on becoming minority of Tangsa people residing in kharsang and Namphai area if included into the newly proposed Namdapha dist where the populations of indigenous and non-indigenous are disproportionate.

Majority of the public strongly opposed to be included into the said dist. Further, the majority lamented that it is very early to take decision in haste without taking in account of the pros & cons. However at the same time a section of the residents of kharsang and Namphai also welcome the concept of creation of new district but ensuring that the interest of the indigenous population are uphold and their safety and security are guaranteed in future.

 Therefore, the majority of the public from kharsang and Namphai circles clearly expressed their consent not to be included into the newly proposed Namdapha dist stating that the decision is very early at this juncture.

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