Spiritual journey by process of Prostrations for World Peace


The dream of world peace and spiritual awakening is a dream shared by most but only few could go to the lengths these two natives of Dirang went to in order to spread the message.

Brothers Tashi Wangdi and  Phurpa hailing from Sangti Village, Dirang have decided to set out on a spiritual journey for world peace to cover the distance from Dirang to Tawang, which is roughly 150 kms by the process of Prostrations in accordance to their Buddhist beliefs.

The brothers have already set out on their journey and have reached at Padma currently which is about 15km away from the plave where they started their journey from. It took them 5 days to cover this distance.

We could only fathom the devotion of the brothers toward their cause for very few would dare to think and even fewer still would actually set out on such an endeavour.

In this age of ever increasing conflicts and strife,  we could only wish these brothers the best and may their efforts bear fruit and help spread the message of Universal peace and spirituality throughout the world.

People have also come forward to support these brothers in their endeavour as people passing by the two have started offering them food and water.

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