Skipper Ltd’s new plant in Guwahati starts production of PVC pipes.

Company poised to meet Prime Minister’s dream of “Make in India”


Hundreds of Indian companies are trying their best to fullfill Prime minister Narendra Modi’s dream of “Make in India” and “Skipper Limited” is one of them. Skipper Limited, one of the leading manufacturers of PVC pipes for both plumbing and agriculture, has now commissioned their third plant in Guwahati after Bengal and Gujrat.

The new plant has been setup near Guwahati airport which began its production of PVC plumbing and agri pipes from Decmber 14th as said by the company’s director Devesh Bansal in a press conference held at Guwahati. Like Bengal and Gujrat, the Guwahati plant is also fully automatic. Initially, the production capacity of the Guwahati plant is 4000 MTPA, which will be increased gradually. According to Mr Bansal, This unit of Skipper Limited not will only fullfill the growing demands, it will also provided employment opportunities to hundreds of local people.

Skipper limited--3The company has a policy of keeping all product prices the same across the country. This is one of the main reason behind setting up the plant in Guwahati, so that the transportation cost from Bengal to North-eastern states would reduce significantly and the company be able to provide the products on the same cost as in the other states of the country.

According to Mr Bansal, there is a 150 crore market in the north east in PVC pipes alone, and the market is growing rapidly. “We expect Skipper limited to successfully capture a big share of this market during the coming years” Mr Bansal added.

Bansal informed,  Skipper Ltd. does not compromise in the quality of their products. The company has tied up with Japan’s “Sekisui Limited”, which is the  world’s number one manufacturers of PVC pipes.  Sekisui is supplying the raw material for PVC to Skipper Ltd. in India.

Saurabh Agarwal, the representative of Sekisui in India, who was present at the press conference informed that  ” his company Sekisui is not only supplying the raw materials to Skipper limited, it also providing technical support, so that quality of the PVC products can be maintained”.

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