Ranu Mandal: New Singing Sensation

Ranu Mandal is now a curiosity factor for every person in India and abroad as she went viral with her melodious voice all over the internet a few days ago.

Renu Mandal whose real name is Renu Ray is born at Ranaghat in West Bengal, on 10 October 1959. She considers her favorite singer Latha Mangeshkar as her role model. When she was in her early 20’s she used to sing in clubs. Yet her family was totally against this which made her retract from that and got married later. After passing of her husband she started singing in the local railway station, Ranaghat in her village for earning money for her daily expenses.

Input from Denhang Bosai , Dy Director, DIPR, Arunachal Pradesh

A classic case of ‘rags to riches.’ If you have the talent then no body can stop you from realizing your unfulfilled dreams in life. Ranu Mandal is today a household name in the country and a celebrity in her own right thanks to her inherent singing talent and of course, luck. Talent and luck make the greatest combination that can catapult anybody to fame and glory overnight.

However, the already hit song ‘Aaaaa… Aaaaa.. Teri meri.. Teri meri’ sung by Himesh and Ranu may please be taken off the social media and play it only after the film is released. Saar dard hogaya sunsunkar…

One day, a software engineer, Atindra Chakraborty happened to cross her way and got impressed by her premium singing capability. He impulsively decided to make her singing video right away and it became an overnight sensation which got celebrated by common people as well as Bollywood celebrities.


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