Pul Gives priorities in Education, Health, Investment sectors


The Arunachal Chief minister Kalikho pul gives the priorities in Education, Health and Investment sectors.  In this  regards a press release has been released from his office.  According to the Press release the state government has enhanced the student’s stipend from the next financial year 2016-17. This decision has been taken in view of the large dropouts in rural areas, where students from poor family background are totally dependent on stipend for their education. Though the student stipend is a meagre amount, but it means a lot to students from poor economical background.

Fully aware of such apathy, Chief Minister Kalikho Pul has given due importance for timely release and enhancement of student so that students in rural areas are not deprived of their basic right to education.

One of the novel initiatives by Chief Minister Kalikho Pul has been the cash incentives for UPSC civil service prelims and mains qualifiers. Accordingly, the cash incentive has been enhanced for UPSC exams qualifiers to Rs 2 Lakhs for Prelims and Rs 3 lakhs for Mains examination.



  • State government has created 2541 posts to fill up critical shortages of manpower in health sector. Incentive payments of ASHA workers to be paid double the central government norms, which will be applicable from April 2016. Services in all hospitals and health centres to be as per the prescribed norms and guidelines under Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS). Rationalising of manpower for all hospitals and health centres.
  • Salary of NHM employees to be paid on monthly basis from next financial year ie 1st April 2016.
    Facilities and services in all health institutions. Doctors room to be equipped with toilet facilities and examination tables. Separate restrooms for doctors with television facility and attached toilet & bathroom facilities. All hospitals and health centres to have operation theatre fully equipped with instruments. For hospital nurses, a common room equipped with colour television and attached toilet facility.
  • Hospitals will have medical stores equipped with generic medicines with desirable, essential and vital (DEV) format for storing medicines. All hospitals will have dispensary rooms. First Expiry First Out (FIFO) system for medicines. All hospitals and health centres to have boundary walls with cattle trapping facility. Hospitals will be equipped with mortuary room.
    For out-patients, hospitals will have facility of patient waiting room. For feedbacks and complaints, hospitals will have complaint box. For redressal of grievances and smooth functioning, each hospitals to have a committee.


Investment :

  • Mini hydels with installed capacity of 1-500KW to be developed in all potential streams and rivulets for electrification of all administrative centres from district headquarters to circle headquarters. All allotted hydro power projects will be pushed forward for early completion and commissioning.  Non-conventional sources of energy such as wind, solar, will be worked out to meet the electricity needs for all major habitations.
  • Special emphasis will be to develop food processing unit, tea industry and winery. State government will work on improving marketing network for farmers.State government will support farmers with proper pricing policies to ensure sale of farm produce.
  • Tourism promotion will be given thrust by developing tourism infrastructures across the state. The tourism infrastructures will be equipped with basic services and amenities like – hotel/motel, parking lot, drinking water supply, separate washroom for men & women, way side amenities and beautification of tourist circuits to attract more tourists. Steps will be taken to promote Arunachal as film destination. The state government will incentivise local film producers.


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