Public participation is must for Pasighat Smart City


Pasighat has envisioned itself to become a “Modern, environmentally sustainable and liveable city for all, while preserving its heritage, cultural diversity and ecosystem through community participation, innovation and smart solutions” and preparation of “Smart City Proposal” currently underway towards achieving this vision. The proposal comprises of interventions at an area level and pan city level selected by the city through various and extensive consultative processes to ensure citizen consensus.

Meanwhile, in a press conference held today at Smart City Office, PMC Chief Councillor Kaling Doruk opined that “Public participation is core of success of Smart City Proposal” (SCP). He informed that all councillors in their respective wards are interacting with the stakeholders including residents, traders, professionals and with all vulnerable sections of the society including socially, economically and physically deprived citizens. Smart City Mission (SCM) is not a mere urban infrastructure up-gradation mission. It is area based and intended to benefit all citizens of Pasighat Township and therefore people have to think ‘out of the box’ and act smart accordingly taking part in Citizen Consultative Campaign (CCC). It is being monitored by the union government so more participation shall ensure more marks in the process, he added.

The Chief Councillor also sought maximum participation of the senior members of the society to guide the denizens to put forth their grievances and suggestions to make Pasighat smart with availability of all smart amenities like 24×7 potable water and power supplies, traffic management for vehicular and pedestrians, shopping complex, amusement parks, crowd pulling tourism infrastructures, robust IT connectivity along with educational hub and international standard health services without disturbing the ecological balance. He expressed confidence that the urban landscape of Pasighat being connected with road, rail, air and waterways can be treated favourable to make the centurion town for better living and effective engine for economic growth and revenue generations.

Taking privilege, MEO Ainstein Koyu also spoke at length on “Smart City Proposal” (SCP). He asserted that SCP would be citizen oriented and the bottom-up planning based on citizen participation would be evolved based on extensive consultations with them. According to Koyu, central government authorities are closely monitoring all developments broadly assessed for the extent and quality of citizen participation and their economic and environmental impacts. These would be evaluated in the third challenge, which is tougher than the earlier competitions, told the MEO while seeking full cooperation to the administration true spirit to translate the mission into reality. He apprised that PMC has been organising various activities to gather public opinions based on their economic, environmental and social impacts. Public response has been very encouraging, he added.

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