Novel initiative: ABK Secretary surrenders home decorative Sambar horn and Bear hook to the forest dept

On the occasion Siram said that he had purchased the horn of a hunted Sambar from a seller at Pasighat market some 15 years ago


Adi Baane Kebang (ABK) East Siang Unit General Secretary, Talut Siram in a novel initiative surrendered the  decorative Sambar horn and Bear hook in his home to the forest dept.

With this initiative Siram set an example for other community members of Adi community  in particular and other tribes of Arunachal Pradesh as a whole in regard to doing away of keeping wildlife animal parts as home decorative items.

Talut Siram surrendered a big size horn of Sambar Deer and four numbers of claws/nail of Bear to the Divisional Forest Officer, Pasighat Forest Division in the presence of forest officials and All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union General Secretary, Tobom Dai.

On the occasion Siram said that he had purchased the horn of a hunted Sambar from a seller at Pasighat market some 15 years ago during 2004-05 for home decoration item and his wife had also purchased four numbers of hunted Bear claws which are believed to be useful for some traditional wears or rituals.

“I have realized that, purchasing of hunted wildlife items are also responsible for killing of more wild animals as hunters/poachers gets sufficient customers of their business. So, upon realizing the facts and reasons at later stage I along with my wife have decided to hand over the purchased horn put on in my living room as decoration to the forest department with a hope that the other people will follow the same”, added Siram who have also stopped consuming wild animal meat in his daily diet.

Meanwhile, Siram has appealed all the members of Adi community to stop wanton killings of wild animals and birds under the guise of tradition as traditional hunting systems of Adi forefathers had never involved or used modern day weapon systems like 12 Bore SBBL Gun, Point Two Two (.22) rifle and Airguns which are responsible for destructive killings of wildlife.

“The traditional hunting systems of our Adi community had been by using bow and arrow including traditional trap which were not much destructive. Moreover, the traditional hunting systems was only practiced during festival season and there was no any hunting during breeding periods which showed that the forefathers of Adis were aware of conservation even in the fast”, quoted Siram who suggested everyone to keep in mind to save wildlife while outing for hunting in the ensuing Aaran festival of Adis where hunting practices are involved.

Attending the handing over programme as witness, AAPSU General Secretary, Tobom Dai also appreciated the initiative of Siram and he expressed his hope that the other learned people of Adi community in particular and other tribes of Arunachal Pradesh as a whole will also stop encouraging hunting and poaching of wildlife by purchasing parts of hunted wild animals and birds.

 “I would like to appeal our students community of the state to be more conscious toward conservation and saving of wildlife as wanton killings of wildlife has led to depletion of wildlife population in the state which is also affecting the environment today”, added Dai.

Meanwhile, Tashi Mize, DFO Pasighat Forest Division while receiving the surrendered horn of Sambar Dear and 4 numbers of claws of Bear said that the step initiated by Talut Siram will set an example for many.

“I have been working for wildlife protection since as DFO Yingkyong and DFO D. Ering WL Sanctuary in the fast and I have also given up taking any wildlife item in dieting and as per my advise responsibled people like Talut Siram have also given up consuming wild animal meat as a true wildlife lovers can’t eat hunted wild animal meat.

My effort are paying off gradually and many villages and some section of people have started protecting hunting of wild animals in their respective areas as a part of conservation”, added Mize.

It is pertinent to mention here that, DFO Tashi Mize had issued an executive order recently urging people to surrender Airguns and registered the guns with the department to ensure misuse of the guns for hunting/killing of birds and wild animals. Mize had warned for booking of any offenders and hunters as per Wildlife Protection Act 1972 irrespective of protected areas or USF areas.


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