Namsai arson case: 2 arrested, Chowna Mein appeals for peace

Chowna Mein strongly condemned the incident at Mabira Village and  appealed to the people of both the community to restrained and maintains peace and tranquility.


As per the news report, Namsai police arrested two persons in connection with the arson case. Miscreants torched 14 houses in a new settlement in Mabira area .

The situation took a  violent turn on Friday and protesters clashed with security forces on Jengthu bridge during a rally organised by the Adi Students’ Union (AdiSU).

On the other hand a peace delegation headed by Health Minister Alo Libang and MLAs Ninong Ering and Chau Zignu Namchoom rushed to Namsai district on Saturday morning. The team visited the incident sites and met the affected families.

The peace delegation also had a meeting with the leaders of the Adi Baane Kebang (ABK), the Tai Khamti Singpho Council (TKSC), and the Namsai district administration.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Chief Minister, Chowna Mein held a joint press conference with the Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Alo Libang and Namsai MLA, Chau Zignu Namchoom regarding the recent incident in Namsai district this evening.

He strongly condemned the incident at Mabira Village where fourteen houses were gutted down on Friday evening. He appealed to the people of both the community to restrained and maintains peace and tranquility in such trying times.

Saying that the people of Adi and Khamti Singpho has a long history of peaceful co-existence since time immemorial and appeal to the people of both the community to not let this bond of brotherhood distorted by such incidents created by some miscreants with vested interest.

He said that he had been constantly monitoring the incident from the very beginning since the incident occurred at New Mabira Village under Tengapani Reserve Forest area on October 12 and he is in constant touch with the student and community leaders of both the community.

He appealed to the Community Based Organizations of the State especially to the members of ABK and TKSC to intervene and ensure peace and tranquility.  He further asked the district administration to arrest all the culprits involve in the incident and to take action as per the law.

He also appealed to the members of Adi Student Union and All Tai Khamti Singpho Student Union to sit together and come to a peaceful solution.

He said Arunachal Pradesh is in its growing stage and we need a peaceful environment for its growth and development.

It was informed that two persons have been arrested today in related to the incident by the district police.


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