Nabam Rebia Searches Location for Army Cantonment


Minister Land Management, Urban Development, Law & Justice and Doimukh  local MLA Nabam Rebia  alongwith Director Land Management E. Nangkar, Papum Pare DLRSO I/C Nakap Hina Nabam inspected location for suitable land for establishment of Army cantonment area.

The team visited Rakap Village area in Jote Panchayat under Sangdupota Circle of the district have been find suitable for the purpose which belongs to the local indigenous people of the area.

Talking to Arunachal24  Rebia inform that after arrival of Union Defence Minister to state wanted two place, one for ammunition depot and another for cantonment area within Papum Pare district which need to be finalised within a month.

The area proposed which have been identified at Rakap Village under Sangdupota Circle for cantonment area and its requirement is 500 acres but here it is more than 800 acres and enough for the proposed site. This have already been surveyed by the army.

He said that earlier the said area was proposed for the airport and the local people are also willing to part for the development and for the cause of the nation and army should be very serious for the establishment.

Rebia said that the area is developing faster than before as NIT is coming up, Film and television institute will come up, Law college, EDI institute and many more in time to come. Though road condition is bad but tender process have already been completed and the area will have a smooth and good road and the establishment of the Army cantonment in the area will also lead to economic development as well as other activities will developed simultaneously, he said.

He said that the compensation will be paid as per rate approved by the state government and appeal to support the project. He also directed the Land Management officers who visited with him to carry our survey and other formalities for early land acquisition.

Director Land Management (DLM) E Nangkar said that he have directed his officers to immediately finalised formalities and carry out survey works and he have written letter to the Deputy Commissioner Papum Pare district and assured staffs if required for the survey and land acquisition alongwith proper demarcation and proposal for notification in this regard. The survey works will be done by district administration, he said.

DLM said that there was some clarification for Gumto and it would be resolved within a week.

He said that a proposal was also verified for the cantonment area in Jote Panchayat but it was rejected by the Army authority from New Delhi owing to attachment near the bank of river spate.

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