Meet Techi Natung who did what the district administration could not do

Tachung erected a Bamboo bridge on his own expense over Pachin river to reduce traffic congestion....


Naharlagun             By  Manoj Singh

One Techi Natung of Borum village did what the district administration could not do. Natung erected a Bamboo bridge with his own expenses over Pachin river near Lekhi to reduce traffic congestion in the area. However this bridge is temporary, but it shows the way to district administration how to reduce the traffic jam problem.

After erection of this temporary bridge over river Pachin near Lekhi , the traffic congestion has been drastically reduced in Naharlagun township.

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Commuters while praising the team of youths led by Techi Natung who has discussed the traffic congestion  of the township by which thousands of commuters has been facing and the state government is just constructing several bridge on the same river which is yet to completed for years together.

One Gyamar Tana, Public leader of Papu Nallah said that, district administration should learn from Natung and also made such initiative in other areas.

One police officer said that this bridge has made Naharlagun township closer with Papum Pare district headquarter Yupia, it has drastically reduced the distance and saved the time.

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One student who was in uniform said that there was lots of problem earlier to cross the river by motorcycle and sometime our uniform got wet and even on one occasion my books fell in river, now this bridge may be temporary but is really good work done, at least I can go to my college comfortably without wasting both time and fuel via heavy jam roads in Naharlagun township.

One advocate who practice at CJM court at Yupia said that sometime I stuck in traffic jam in Itanagar and also at Naharlaugn and I got late to reach court but this bridge is really a great job done by an educated youth of Borum. He appreciated the noble job and urge upon the state government to immediately take up the matter for completion of the Railway bridge lying abandoned near the same site on Pachin river. At the same time he appeal the local MLA, district administration and state government to work out a tangible formula for traffic free ride in twin capital.

When contacted, Techi Natung said that, we have series of discussion among our friend , relatives and locals in regards to traffic jam issues in twin capital city.  After that we have planed to construct a temporary bridge so that our people does not face inconvenient in the Naharlaugn township.

‘I have made a humble beginning to support people in the time of need’. Though this bridge would work only in winter and during monsoon the river discharge huge volume of water and it could not last long. Till such time I will try my best effort to help the commuters.

Around 6 educated youths got self employment,  they collected a minimum charge which help the youths for their sustainability and economic development, at the same time the part of the  money collected are being used for repairing and maintenance of the said bridge. He said.

No fees are being collected from the emergency vehicle,  students in uniform, medical patient, media person and vehicle of Magistrate and law and order duty are also exempted. Natung further added.

He further appeal all stake holders to come forward and join hands to serve the society for all round development of capital complex and state as a whole.

The bridge has been constructed on Pachin river connecting the NH-415 near Rani Sati Petrol Pump in Lekhi and Railway station on Papu Nallah-Yupia TAH road.

It is to mention that the abandoned Railway bridge near the same site was recently inspected by local MLA Techi Kaso alongwith engineer of Railway, the issue was also raised by Transport Secretary Dani Sulu in the recently held Zonal Railway User Consultative committee (ZRUCC) at Rangia, Assam.


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