Medical staffs to go on training on De-addiction to Nagaland


Kripa Foundation Nagaland, organised three days training on drug treatment cum rehabilitation for the Doctors, Nurses and counsellors of De-addiction and Rehabilitation Mission Longding at Kohima, Nagaland,

Dr Wangnai Wangsu, who lead the team of two doctors, two nurses and counsellors from Longding express his satisfactory over the three days training. And it was quite necessary to get such basic training for the staffs before starting such a humane project.

local MLA Thangwang Wangham  while said that he took the seemingly impossible task of opium de-addiction going against the common notion that there can never be a full proof de-addiction mechanism.

The awareness programmes to address the substance abuse  by providing a treatment facility in Longding for opium users who genuinely desires and seeks to lead a sober life.

Wangham said that his aims to bring the addicts to the  mainstream and socially re-integrate them within an atmosphere that respects his/her rights as an individual, and provide options for secure livelihood and strong support systems to prevent him/her from relapsing into opium drugs or alcohol abuse . The works to set up the first de-addiction centre of the district at the bank of the Tissing river near Zedua village is already in progress.

He said that he have personally visited Kohima last month and met  Director Kripa Foundation Nagaland Abou Mere, and arranged the said training, he said.

During the three days training for the staffs (Doctors, nurses and counsellors) of De-addiction and rehabilitation Mission Longding, they were trained on understanding drug addiction, addictive personality, clinical management and relapse prevention etc.  Thangwang added

The Kripa foundation programme on treatment is focused on holistic recovery of an individual through the 12 steps Recovery Programme. Kripa Foundation provides residential treatment and rehabilitation services to the people who are  addicted to alcohol / Drugs from Nagaland as well as neighbouring states of Northeast. It is a residential 3(three) months programme.

Kripa Foundation is a non-governmental organization in India helping people suffering from chemical dependency and HIV infection. The organization had its humble beginning since 1981 and since last  two decades this organization has grown into the largest non-governmental organization working in the field of Substance Abuse and HIV. De-Addiction-cum-Rehabilitation Centres where the people in recovery themselves serve as mentors at the centres.


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