Main mantra of BJP “sabka sath sabka bikash” -Nabam Rebia


Minister Land Management, Urban Development and Doimukh local MLA Nabam Rebia on Tuesday said that Banderdewa is next to state capital and a part of capital complex  and is the face of state which need to be kept clean and green.

Rebia was addressing the party leaders and workers at Mandal Executive Meeting at Banderdewa Nyokum Hall here today said that whatever rules and regulation of different Central sponsored scheme are prepared need to be taken up by the state and it need to reach to the last person of the constituency which is the main mantra of BJP “sabka sath sabka bikash”.

He explained about the mughal emperor rule to quit India movement and 75 years of India independence which is a part of shankalap se siddhi and Bharat jodo programme and said that we all are one and no power can divide the society and appeal for brotherhood feeling among all different community of state.

There is a need of change of mindset in state as during November to March picnic and cultural and felicitation programmes are being organised in the name of community and tribes which is not good at all as it differentiate from one community to other and appeal not to do so.

Blaming the previous government during the Gegong Apang rule that if few mega HPD project would have been constructed we would not have to dependent on the centre like presently doing however the young  Pema  Khandu Chief Minister is quite enough and understand the need of various development of state and I too have been doing my best effort and shall continue to do for the betterment and development of my assembly constituency and state as whole and sought support form one and all. He said that the state and centre is ruled by same party so party leaders should extend full support to its leaders so that the fruits of development reach to the grassroots.

Papum Pare district BJP I/C and state Vice President Tame Phassang in his address said that any scheme launched by centre are for Mohila and presence of mohila in all walk of life is necessary as they represent the major portion of the society. He said that many local residents of Banderdewa and Karsingsa era left to their hometown during election should be avoided. Senior party leaders should welcome the newcomers and should not discriminate in the name of senior and junior.

Former MLA and APAMB Chairman Ngurang Pinch moved the political resolution while BJP Organising Secretary (Western Parliament) Dug Saha moved the economic resolution which have already been passed by the state executive body meeting recently was passed again at the mandal meeting here today by voice vote.

Former state BJP President Taba Hare, District BJP President Tana Hali Tara, Vice President Teli Taya, General Secretary Teshi Sony,  Karsingsa ASM cum Mandal Pratinidhi Kipa Taniang, Mandal President Ngurang Tayo, General Secretary (Progr) Ngurang Choya, Banderdewa branch unit President Gyamar Sakap among other address the gathering.

Later Rebia also administered the pledge to maintain swachata discrimination against cast creed etc under sankap se siddhi as a part of bharat jodo programme (new India manthan). He further said that the mass social service

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