Itanagar: People Should have god fear-Techi Kaso


Itanagar local MLA Techi Kaso on Wednesday visited several Kali Puja pandals  and meet the devotees and also participated diwali celebration at various location in the capital complex.

Interacting the locals on the occasion Kaso said that we should have God fear, no matter which religion we believe but our determination  for  commitment toward the family, community and society should always there.

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Every festival gives us the message of peace, development, prosperity and help to others and we should always reciprocate  others of respect, love and happiness in this world we live.

He urge upon all to live in peace with love to others in the cosmopolitan world with  emergence of technology and digitisation. We need to teach our children a good behaviour and legacy of our tradition and rich cultural heritage we will perform for our future generation.

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