Itanagar:  Sikom inaugurates Amusement mela at IG Park


SDPO Kamdam Sikom  inaugurated amusement mela at IG park for the amusement and entertainment  of the local denizens of the capital city today.

The mela having all facility for amusement and entertainment of all age group from small Childers to young, he said that since the summer vacation of mostly schools are being held and the children as well as the parents will have some time spend in such places so that the chiders get some entertainment and can have all types of facility provided by the organisers.

Itanagar Market Welfare Association  (IMWA) President Yumlam Achung while inform that the Mela will be there for next one month and family members with children and friend can enjoy all sorts of games and enjoy watching moat ka kua, disco, chtrahar, joint bill, Mickey mouse, kirkriya, water boat, tora tora,  Scorpio and train for children while one can have food at the food stall installed in the campus.

OC Itanagar Police Station Tabi Bage, among others were present during the inaugural function.

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