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Itanagar: Kaso inaugurates Primary School at Dotung Namchang

Kaso advices the villager to sent their children to school.


Techi Kaso, MLA,  Itanagae on Friday inaugurated Government primary school, at Dotung Namchang, Dony Polo Colony ,Itanagar in presents of Capital Complex DDSE Mallo Yam Gollo and others.

Congratulating the people of Dotung Namchang for new primary school Kaso advices the villager to sent their children to school.

Responding a memorandum submitted by the villager for construction of village link road, Kaso informed them that the formation cutting of link road is almost completed and connected with village but upcoming monsoon is going to damage the road so wait for this year for further construction.

He also assures villager that the construction of this link road is in his priority. Kaso also announces some around Rs. 6 lakhs  for construction of hanging bridge over the Sapar Nallah.

He also said that fund have been allotted for providing water supply to the village and would be take up other issue in phase manner.

Responding the request of villager DDSE Yam Gollo informed that this school is in zero enrolment list but she assured to appoint two teacher for this school for starting of  academic session from this year and she also advice the villagers to sent their children to school.

Earlier villager Techi Maha said the village was establish on 2004  and till today there is no proper road connection, water supply, However the power supply have been anyhow managed and paying revenue to government.

Organising Chairman Charu Heri, senior citizen Dindo Tachu, youth leader Nangram Ganesh among others also address the gathering.

Public leader Khyoda Tanik among other local leaders were present on the occasion.


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