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Itanagar: Kaso inaugurates St. Joseph Cathedral Church at Nyokum Lapang

Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso while inaugurating St. Joseph Cathedral at Nyokum Lapang, which is one of the tallest church in city.


Itanagar  MLA Techi Kaso while inaugurating St. Joseph Cathedral at Nyokum Lapang today said that whatever  religion, belief and faith we practice, no matter,  but we should not  discriminate people of other religion faith and belief.

Kaso said that believers of Christianity learn from Bible which teach us to be a good human being first, help the needy person, serve and love others.  We should not hurt anyone without any reason.  God  have created us on this earth to lead a happy and peaceful life Kaso said.

Whatever we do on this earth and earn will remain on this earth. We need to practice our religion by giving due respect to others.  Christianity in this state is flourishing and have been observed playing a major role in moulding the society by way of several good teaching of bible and also establishment of missionaries education institution.

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He requested the church leaders to maintain the beauty as the building will certainly attract tourist , he also refer the incident which occur at Mechuka recently which is a bad sign and appeal one and all not to support such event during any festival and programme which gives  bad name for our community and state.

He announced a sum of Rupees Five Lakh for completion of flooring of the basement and ground floor with tiles on the occasion.

Guest of honour, Guwahati Arch Bishop, Rev. John Moolachira in his address said that earlier there was very less believers of Christianity and now it have been increased but we should determined to work for the humanity and service to god. He congratulated the Parish Priest of St. Joseph Cathedral Church Father Tomy E CMF for construction of a huge church building with a special design.

He said that bible has a good teaching for his believers to work for the society, humanity and Christianity

Itanagar Bishop John Thomas, Organising committee Chairman Dava Tassar, Organising Secretary Nido Savita among other also address the gathering on the occasion.

Bishop of Dipu Paul Mattakatu, Bishop of Miao Danish Kujur, Bishop of Daltenganj Ameritus Gabriel, former Chief Minister and Sagalee MLA Nabam Tuki, senior government officers, social workers, public leaders, businessmen and large numbers of local, youths including believers were present on the occasion.

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