‘Itanagar Cycling Meet’ promoting cycling in ICR

Itanagar: Itanagar Cycling Meet is organising a Weekend Joy Ride every Saturday across Itanagar Capital Region ( ICR ) , to promote Cycling  for Sports Growth, Good Health and safe Environment.

Riding cycle also motivate other to maintain a holistic approach for daily exercise to remain with a fit body and sound mind.

The Itanagar Cycling Meet is a group organized by youths and likeminded who wanted themselves to remain fit and fine with a healthy body and sound mind as well they also urge upon all to maintain daily exercise.

The Itanagar Cycling Meet, Director, Ijum Gadi inform that our main motto is to inspire our youths and students who prefer vehicle for a small distance specially for going to school, college and also nearby market in the colony.

Cycling not only help in making strong body but also help in reducing burden of fuel for reaching small distance. Gadi said.

We try to reach out most part of capital complex in the weekend but due to lockdown and containment we could not reach out everyplace. However some of the members ride cycle as a hobby but request to drive carefully and safely in hilly road. Gadi added.

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