Itanagar: Connectivity is the key for all round development-Bamang Felix

All the development of a state depend upon the connectivity like road, rail , water ways and air ways- Bamang Felix .


Connectivity is the key for all round development. All the development of an area, circle, district and state depend upon the connectivity like road, rail , water and airways,   and the Pema Khandu government is working on it and the connectivity is in the top of the government agenda. Said RWD IPR Parliamentary Affairs Minister Bamang Felix.

Felix was addressing a public meeting recently in Kimin Circle said that state government is trying its best in rural connectivity.

The  present central government under Narendra Modi and state government under Pema Khandu have a  target  and a mission for development in all sectors of state.

Several rural road project under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) taken up in every district and every assembly constituency as per required. One Hundred Sixty crore have been sanctioned  for construction of 21 roads and bridges alone in 14 Doimukh assembly constituency.

So far new Two Hundred Sixty Eight (268) project for 5025.60 km  amounting to Rupees Three Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Two (3882.44) Crore have been sanctioned and will connect Three Hundred Eighty Three (383) villages would be under execution and completion, tender works for all these schemes/project will be done in a same day to avoid further complicacy.

During current year we have targeted to complete 1600 km and  cover 50 habitations by end of March,2019 with an allocation of Rs. 1000 crore.  The 1st installment of Rs. 489 crore was recently released during December,2018 and full payment was made to the contractors.

A meeting with all PMGSY contractors and officials was held recently at Itanagar and they have been request to carryout and complete their works with a quality and to submit their required Utilisation certificate (UC) soon so that their next instalment is released from the centre for payment to the contractors.

Recently a sum of Rupees Four Hundred Eighty Nine Crore have been released and disbursed in December 18 and another Four Hundred Fifty Crore is awaiting from centre for submission of Utilisation Certificate and others. Felix said.

PMGSY project will upgrade the economic condition of the rural people by way of the transportation of all horticulture and agriculture crops of farmers and other activities will increase. If all project is completed we may be able to connect 98 % of the rural population of state.

He appeal all general people to support for the construction of rural road and not to create hurdles in the development matters which is the key for all round development of state.


Since inception i.e. 2000-01 to 2018-19

Description Sanctioned Completed
Total no. of projects sanctioned since inception 1314 no. 813 nos.
Total length sanctioned (in km) 13910 km 7115.31 km
Total sanctioned amount (Rs. in crore) 9829.26 crore 3655.97 crore
Total habitation sanctioned 1843 nos. 931 nos.

Since 2013-14 to 2018-19

Description Sanctioned Completed
Total no. of projects sanctioned 505 nos. 44 nos.
Total length sanctioned (in km) 8623.52 km 2034.95 km
Total sanctioned amount (Rs. in crore) 7142.38 crore 1250.74 crore
Total habitation sanctioned 941nos. 104 nos.

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