Itanagar- APKVIB governing body meeting held


Itanagar- The newly appointed governing body members of Arunachal Pradesh Khadi & Village Industries Board (APKVIB) led by Chairman Dominic Tadar and Vice Chairman Dugh Saha today held its governing body meeting and discuses various issues confronting the Board and also take several  decision.

The newly constituted governing board members and appointed Chairman, Vice Chairman and Board members today assumed their office and sit together and discuses various  issue of the Board and also take stock of the ongoing schemes in the greater interest of the rural people and beneficiaries of PMEGP scheme, and National Honey mission in various parts of state.

Speaking to press, Chairman Dominic Tadar said that we have committed to work for development of Board and will always look forward for the welfare of staffs. Since the Board is a organization with main agenda to work for promotion of Khadi and village industries will carry our best effort and motivate the rural people who are the bone of the rural India. The rural people who will come forward in this regard will be given support and knowledge from the APKVIB.

We will also look forward that we can accommodate maximum numbers of beneficiaries who may start with such cottage industries and bring their products in market which will also enhance the ‘local for vocal’ skill and also promote ‘make in India’ programme as our local product will earn income without going for foreign good and will also boost up the economy of the family, community, state and nation. Tadar said.

We will see that the APKVIB also closely ties up with Khadi and Village industries commission, Government of India to bring more fund and schemes for rural farmers schemes. We are also discussing to strengthening of the board and also to open its branches in various district of state in time to come. Tadar added.

Secretary (Industries) and members secretary APKVIB Hage Tari, Director (Industries) Habung Donyi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ojing Ketan, Development Officer  Ralong Singhi among other share their views and share the activities undertaken by the board and also update the governing body about the project and schemes undertaken by the board.

Vice Chairman Dugh Saha, Member Loku Sono, Tomi Haider. Holai Wangsa also share their views and suggestion for strengthening of the APKVIB.

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