Helping Hands NGO selected for Global Gandhi Award 2019

Robin Hibu, the founder of the Helping Hands NGO informed that”Helping Hands NGO has been selected for the Global Gandhi Award 2019″.

New Delhi

Helping Hands NGO has been selected for the Global Gandhi Award 2019 for following Gandhians philosophy and exemplary service to the society, by London Brent Borought to be hounored at Westminister, (British Parliament), London on October 7 on the celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birth Anniversary.

London Brent Borought stated that the endeavor of Helping Hands beyond the call of duty is an example in front of the world of bringing communal harmony and peace.

In the event, there will be discussion on Gandhi’s philosophy of ‘Non-violence & World Peace, truth, community service, corporate social responsibility, long-term sustainability and cleanliness.

Robin Hibu, the founder of the Helping Hand NGO and  Special Commissioner of Delhi Police informed that “it is so humbling to be selected for the award”.

He added that the prestigious International Award will further boost the morale of activists and volunteers of Helping Hands NGO to make difference of maginalised and vulnerable section of tribals folks in days to come.

He further stated that the prestigious Award is given because of selfless social works of members/ volunteers of Helping Hands NGO.

“The Award is given for pratising Gandhian idealism in reaching out to vulnerable section of society in Gandhian way. Helping Hands NGO initiatives for vulnerable north east people in cities and educational empowerment has been recognised, hence this international award,” added Hibu.

Helping Hands NGO has been providing Competitive examinations scholarship for poor students, scholarship for orphans girls, massive blood bank mobilisation, concessional medical treatments for poor vulnerable people, career guidance for vulnerable students, legal and counselling assistance to battered poor NE victims, Incubation Centre for new migrants to cities from hilly states, massive social media campaigns to deter cyber crimes, safe work place, awareness on labour laws, sexual harrasment in work places, medical camps in remote hills and special voters registration for empowerment.

They also reach out intervention to crime victims, burials/ cremations of the dead and sending dead bodies back to hill states through assistance of airlines.  The volunteer of Helping Hands also provide reach out intervention with crime victims in all cities of India.


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