HEART BREAKING STORY- Baby with 2-inch cavity on head abandoned by parents

New Delhi

In a heart-breaking incident, a baby was abandoned by her parents because he was born with an abnormally large head. Simon Sama from Thailand was born in January and had to undergo surgery to drain the excess fluids. The operation caused his skull to collapse due to the change in pressure, which left him with a 2-inch cavity on his head.

According to the Deccan Chronicle, the toddler still needs treatment in order to survive, however, his parents abandoned him, leaving him with his grandmother.

His grandmother explains that the child is living life like a vegetable as he unable to crawl or make noises like the rest of his children his age.

Simon’s head continues to swell and doctors are unsure about his condition. The cavity seems to be getting bigger as the baby waits for the next hospital appointment to decide the course of treatment, the Deccan Chronicle reported.


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