Harbal Garden Land Controversy: Pakke-Kessang JSSS demand cancellation of LPC


Responding to the clarifications given by Maya Dolo over the Land Procession certificate (LPC) of a controversial plot of land, whom she given on lease to Patanjali Pvt. Limited for proposed establishment of mega herbal garden at Seijosa, the 12th Pakke Kessang Jan Seva Sangharsh Samity on Thursday has alleged that the LPC allotted to Dolo by District administration is illegal and contradict to a high Court order dated 7.04.2007, directing to cancel all the LPCs issued against the said land which falls under the Papum Pare reserved forest.

In a press conference, Legal Advisor, 12th PKJSS, Raju Camder Tok while refuting all the claims made by Dolo including that the said plot does not fall under range forest area has informed that in the year 2007 and 2008, the district administration, Seppa without knowledge of the locals without obtaining any NOC from the locals and even no NOC from Forest department was not obtained and  randomly issued LPCs to a few particular families.

“A Total of 218 persons was given LPC by the then DC, Seppa without obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Khellong Forest Division, the entire area which falls under the Papum Pare reserved forest area, informed Tok adding that after locals started opposing the illegal move, the matter has been drawn to court, wherein Guwahati high court in an order vide WP© No.(AP)/2009 in 2010 last directed to cancel all the LPC issued within 30 days which have not been done till date.

Justifying its claims, Tok alleged that it only came to light recently when an Assam based newspaper carried a news item that about 21,000 hectares of land from Seijosa and Nomora area has been leased out to Patanjali Ayurved limited for establishment of an Herbal garden. And subsequently within no time man and machinery were engaged to clear the forest at Goloso and Jolly Area  putting the  the local inhabitants into confusion, however it have been stopped.

Presenting an RTI copy of List of names of those who were given LPCs by Seppa DC to reporters, Tok disclosed that in the list there were names of few persons, who were fake names and never exist in real as well as not locals of the area.

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 “Calling the reserved forest land as their private land is not only illegal, but is also contempt of high court order. Under such circumstances the claims made by Dolo of having a valid LPC under his possession for the said land in question is unjustified as well as punishable under law, alleged Tok. He also said that few family members of Dolo are true while many area fake which need to be cancelled.

Furthermore clarifying that the organisations is not against the project, Tok said that they hearty welcomes the mega project in the area, but there should be a proper MoU signed between government with Patanjali involving the locals as the land which may be under the reserved forest, but was used by locals for agriculture purpose since time immemorial .

Opposing the leasing system, Tok clarified that leasing out the land to someone means signing a deed for which in return he will only get the maximum benefits in individual level, which will deprived the other people of the area.

“The establishment will definitely give employment opportunities and boost tourism.  We want the benefits from the project must reach to everyone living in the area which can be only done by drafting a proper contract framing with locals well as signing a proper Mou ,” he added.

The organization further urged the government to take serious note of the issue and cancel all the LPCs while considering the high court order within 30 days, failing which it will compelled to knock door of high court again to seek justice or resort to democratic means of protest to register their protest.


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