Glow Lake.. Unexplored tourist destination in Lohit district


By Damchen Norb

Glow Lake under Wakro circle of Lohit district Arunachal Pradesh is an beauty beyond imagination lies in the northern side of Wakro Town. Lake spreading around 2.5 hactares area is majestic and serene. It will take nearly five and half hour walking distance from Wakro main route.


It is sad to see beauty of such kind is yet to develop by the Local administration and Tourism dept of the state. Distance from main road to the lake is nearly 10.5 km. Wooden watch tower and an kuchcha bamboo hut for visitors is in a dilapidated condition constructed nearby lake.

Rough and poor trekking route to the lake demoralise the visitors though the lake is one of the most beautiful and enchanting destination for the people who seeks heavenly experience and far from madding crowd. Lone foot suspension bridge connecting Wakro to Glow Lake is on the verge of collapse which needs immediate attention from the administration side as well as State Govt. Proper foot track needs to be maintained for tourist and visitors.

It has also been noticed that in recent times local people started cutting forest covers in and around lake for cultivation. Lake falls in the peripherial areas of Kamlang Reserve Forest and Tiger Reserve area which also home to many rare flora and fauna.

It is urgently felt that local administration should conduct proper survey of the lake and suggest local people to avoid farming and hunting nearby the lake. Certain area within the radius of the lake should be declared green zone and protected area to maintain the beauty and environment of the lake.

It will boost the tourist flow in the district of proper road from Wakro to the Glow Lake is constructed with other amenities like cafetaria, rest house, proper watch tower at proper place. Wakro is famous for Orange garden and Parsuram Kund. If state govt also develop basic services in between Wakro to Glow lake. I am sure Glow Lake will also be one of the favoirite tourist destination in the Global tourist map.

We must provide basic required road communication and other facilities to attract more tourist which will in turn generate more revenue for the State Govt. Glow Lake is a place where we enjoy a couple of days for a stress free life and trekking with beautiful scenic beauty and a host of other rare flora and fauna.

Let us join hand to develop what nature has blessed us with and preserve and protect Glow Lake for generations to come.


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  1. It is NOT sad to see it undeveloped as soon as nasty torist development happens the natural flora, fauna and environment gets badly destroyed. Long may it stay quiet, undisturbed and above all, UNDEVELOPED.

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