Farming on ginger, turmeric and large cardamom on Card at Namsai and Anjaw Distrcit


S R C creations a Delhi based company has shown keen interest to go for contract farming on ginger, turmeric and large cardamom at Namsai and Anjaw district. The company is also ready for establishing a processing unit at Namsai District for the larger interest of the farmers.

Assistant Director Spices Board Namsai, Smti Vijeeshna has informed that the director of the company is schedule to visit Namsai from April 7th and during his stay at Namsai, the Director would hold a direct interaction with the farmers at various locations of Namsai district.

Spices are high value export oriented crops extensively used since time immemorial for flavouring food and beverages and in medicine, cosmetics and perfumery. Spices have played a significant role in influencing the course of history till the Middle Ages. India is the largest producer, consumer and second largest exporter of spices in the world, she added.

She also informed that the meeting would be arranged at Piyong village on 7th April at 1.30 PM and on April 8 the meeting would be held at Lathao higher secondary school at 9am, Chowkham Buddha Vihara   at 11.30 am and Budha Mandhir Jona-I village at 1.30 pm.

Over 100 plant species are known to yield spices and spice products and over 50 species are grown in India. All the states in the country grow one spice or the other. They play a crucial role in the economy of several states

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