Exposure tour to dam sites in Himachal for Land owners of power project sites of Arunachal

New Delhi

The second group of delegation of land owners of the power project sites in Arunacha Pradesh have reached Delhi on 23-02-2020 for a 8 day exposure tour to successful dam sites of Hmachal Pradesh.

Deputy Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Chowna Mein had an interactive meeting with the group of delegation of local land owners from Upper Siang, Shi Yomi, Anjaw, Lohit, Kamle and Siang districts of Arunachal Pradesh and the senior level officers of Department of Hydro Power Development this evening at Arunachal Bhawan, New Delhi.

During the meeting HDCM have advised the delegation that Himachal Pradesh is also a hilly terrain State like Arunachal Pradesh. They have already harnessed more than 50 % of their Hydro Power Potential, where as we could only reach upto 1% till date. He advised the local land owners to interact with the people from that area and get a first hand information on how the project has positively influenced their lives and created business opportunities for the local inhabitants.

He has appreciated the efforts of the Department of Hydro Power Development in giving opportunity to the local land owners from various parts of the State to have this kind of first hand experience and hope that such endeavour shall be helpful in making a positive environment for the Prosperity of Arunachal Pradesh.

This is the 2nd group of delegation of land owners which have reached Delhi on 23-02-2020 for a 8 day exposure tour to successful dam sites of the country. The group is scheduled to visit Chamera1, Chamera 2 & Chamera 3 Hydro Power projects developed in cascades in Himanchal Pradesh.

Before leaving to the project sites, awareness program is scheduled in Central Board of Irrigation & Power, New Delhi on 24th February. Experts from the fields of Environment, Technology, Water Conservation and Socio- Economics are invited for sharing their experience. A video film on Bhakra Nagal & Tehri Dam will also be shown to the delegates. The focus is to give an understanding to the delegates that how the Eco-System of any project affected area is up-lifted once a Hydro power project is completed in vicinity.


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